Indy Express is the best courier company in Indianapolis! I work in Carmel and have multiple and unique deliveries almost every day. Indy Express is certainly on speed dial.

Partner at Carmel, IN law office

We use express freight companies throughout the States. Indy Express is a great example of the type of vendor we look for to keep our business moving. We are very satisfied with them and happy to have them as a partner.

Large freight brokerage company

We see Indy Express as not only a delivery company but someone that is an “up and comer” in the fulfillment space. They provide our warehousing, pulling, packing and express door-to-door delivery throughout the city. In short, we couldn’t offer our service without them.

Door-to-Door fresh and frozen food company

Indy Express in my one and only call when I need anything to or from my office... fast.

Dentist in Avon, Indiana

My company has an agreement with another courier service, I pay Indy Express directly because their service is far superior. Try them... you will see.

Pharmaceutical Company - Indianapolis

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735 S Capitol Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46225

p: 317-635-4910
f: 317-252-0803